Tree Removal Costs

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Tree Services

In Escondido, tree removal professionals charge $8 to $15 per foot of a tree they need to remove. Depending on how big the tree you would like to remove is, you should expect to spend approximately $400 to $1200.

The smallest trees, however, can have a tree removal cost as low as $200 while the largest trees – or trees in extremely complicated situations – can cost over $2000 to get rid of. In the following section, we will discuss the main factors that affect the tree removal cost.

Factors Affecting Tree Removal Cost in Escondido

1. Tree Height

Tree height is the biggest factor that affects the amount you pay to get rid of a tree. As the height of a tree increases, its weight increases. The area under risk is larger when removing a tall tree compared to when one is removing a small tree. More effort, more complicated machinery, and planning time are generally needed when removing bigger trees – this increases the tree removal cost.

Below, we have outlined the removal costs to expect when working on trees of varying heights:

  • Small trees – These trees have a height of below 30 feet. To get rid of the trees, you will need an average of $200 to $450.
  • Medium-sized trees – If your trees have a height of between 30 and 60 feet, they will fit in the medium-sized category. Such trees have a higher removal cost, with professionals charging $800 to $1500.
  • Large trees – Trees in this category have a height of 60 to 100 feet. Large trees have a removal cost of between $1000 and $1800.
  • Extremely Large trees – The height for extremely large trees starts at 100 feet and goes beyond 150 feet. These trees cost over $2000 to remove.

2. Crane Assisted Removal

A crane is generally needed when the tree being removed is too heavy and in a complicated situation. The crane will hold the tree as it is being cut down, keeping it from falling in the wrong direction. Once the tree has been sawn off at the bottom, the crane may be used to lift the tree off the ground and put it where it is needed.

Cranes generally cost $200 to $600 to rent in Escondido. An additional $50 to $100 may be needed to pay the crane operator.

It is worth noting that the cost of renting a crane is not included in the quoted tree removal cost. If the removal of a 100 feet tree is quoted at $1800 and a crane is needed to remove it, the cost of renting the crane will have to be added to the quoted cost. If a crane is rented for a total of $550 (including the operator’s money), the total tree removal cost will be approximately $2350.

3. Tree Species

Different tree species have varying heights, weights, and crown structures. This means that different trees will have varying degrees of hardiness when it comes to removal. While trees like crepe myrtle will grow to a maximum height of 30 feet and have softwood, white pines will grow to over 150 feet and have hardwood.

Below, we have the varying tree removal costs to expect for different tree species:

Oak Trees

Oaks with a height of between 60 and 100 feet will require you to spend $800 to $1000 on the removal. If your oak hasn’t reached the 60 feet mark, $200 to $800 should be enough for the removal.

Palm Trees

$200 to $500 should be enough for palm trees with a height of under 30 feet. If your palm trees have exceeded 80 feet, professionals may need you to up your payment to between $1,100 and $1,500.

Pine Trees

Pines with a height of 80 feet will cost you more than $1,500 to get rid of. Those with a height of approximately 40 feet will cost you about $400.

4. Tree Condition

A wide range of underlying conditions can affect how complicated or easy tree removal is. In Escondido, the most common conditions are:

  • Decays and cavities – If your tree has decayed or it has cavities in its trunk, there is a possibility it is on its way to falling. This means that extra care will be needed when removing it.
  • Weak branches – If the branches on your tree may fall during tree removal, tree pruning may have to be conducted before tree removal. This will help avoid injury – which can be caused by broken branches falling unexpectedly – during tree removal.
  • Leans – Slight leans are not a problem – they are normal on trees. However, if your tree’s lean changes significantly over a short period, this could indicate that the tree is on its way to falling. To make sure that the tree does not fall in the wrong direction during removal, support mechanisms may need to be erected on the side opposite the lean.
  • Multiple trunks – If a tree has multiple trunks with a strong connection in between them, tree removal may be simple. However, if the link between the tree trunks is weak, the trunks may have to be removed one by one.

Removal of a Fallen Tree

Removing a fallen tree is extremely easy if the tree has fallen on open ground. Such a tree can have a removal cost of $75 – $150.

Sometimes, however, trees fall on important amenities. If the removal of such a tree is not conducted with extreme finesse, property damage can occur. For such fallen trees, the tree removal cost might be a little bit high.

5. Tree Diameter

To remove a tree, tree experts will have to saw through its trunk. If the tree trunk is too thick, the professionals may spend more time sawing through the tree compared to when the tree trunk is thin. This means that thick trees have a higher removal cost.

6. Tree Location

Tree removal professionals have predefined regions where they conduct tree removal without charging a travel fee. If you live outside these regions, you will have to be prepared to spend $0.5 per mile covered or a fixed cost of $50 to $200 depending on the distance covered.

7. Accessibility

If your trees are surrounded by houses/utility lines, tree removal will be more difficult compared to trees on open ground. When removing a tree with minimal accessibility, tree removal professionals have to think of how to avoid damaging the important structures surrounding the tree. When removing a tree on open ground, what is needed is cutting the tree’s base and then allowing it to fall freely.

8. Additional Services

Some of the services needed after tree removal are not included in the quoted tree removal cost. If you would like to have these services taken care of, you will have to spend some additional money. The services include:

Stump Removal

Tree removal is complete when the trunk above the ground is removed. A small part of the tree that is attached to the roots is left in the ground. If you would like to get rid of this part too, you may need to spend your money on stump removal. The cost of removing a tree stump is outlined below:

Diameter Cost

Each inch of the stump diameter costs $2 to $3. However, tree service providers do have a minimal stump removal cost of $100.

Per Hour Cost

If your goal is to remove a stump from a large piece of land, you may pay on a per hour basis. Each hour will cost you $150.

Per Stump Cost

When charging on a per stump basis, the initial tree stump may cost you $150. The next stumps may have a lower cost, each costing $50.

Log Removal Cost

If you would like your home to be left looking clean and appealing, you may need to pay for log chipping and removal. Log chipping will cost you between $65 and $150. To get rid of the log chips, tree removal professionals charge approximately $50.

Log to Firewood Conversion

If you have a fireplace in your home, you may want the tree trunk to be converted into firewood. This process can cost you about $75.

Permits and Licenses

To remove trees from your landscape, you may be legally required to acquire permits and licenses. These will cost you an average of $60 to $150.

Tree Transplanting

If you have a healthy tree on your compound and you would like to move it to a new location instead of removing it completely, tree transplanting may be a good option. Tree professionals will dig the tree out with its roots intact, place it on a special tree carrying vehicle and take it to the new planting location where its hole should be prepared.

Compared to regular tree removal, tree transplanting is more complicated. This means that it is more expensive, generally costing an extra $125 to $500 compared to normal tree removal. If you would be charged $2000 to remove a tree completely, transplanting may cost you approximately $2125 to $2500.

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